MINDSHIFT is an innovative project lab.

A space for creative thinkers to come together and collaborate. Mindshift is no ordinary experience Рit is for risk takers and boundary pushers. A no holds bar space for sharing of knowledge, experiences and ideas.

Mindshift has been developed to deal with the challenges of the photographic marketplace, its culture and behavior in this digital age. A forum for industry professionals to not only move in time with innovation but also direct its future.

Success is in the doing…

To join and experience Mindshift  - see Application Guidelines.

One Response to About

  1. tony fouhse says:

    Hello you 2 ~

    Interested to understand what you’re thinking here. Difficult to figure out from the words you posted what you are thinking/wanting/looking for. Care to flesh your ideas out some? drool is interested in passing this along but wants to understand first.


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