Who the hell are we?

In all honesty … good question…
After all who are we and what have we done?

We are just two independent photographers who want to connect and collaborate.

We open Mindshift with the goal of sharing knowledge. Opening our space to individuals to create, experience and evolve. A collective that bridges passion and candid conversations. This may seem idealistic but collaboration leads to innovations, breakthroughs and art…

Collaborations happen every day in our job and in our lives. Whether its with an editor, graphic designer, art director, our assistants, or our families. We learn from every single interaction… We never stop learning.

Mindshift is a facilitator for this experience.

In saying this, we open up our first dialogue with you from our first meeting. The challenge was to share our knowledge from “What did I learn this year…”

Below are some of the reflections from the collective…
Please share yours with us too…

Balance is Key.

Less think, more do.

Always have a notebook handy… and a pencil.

The worse they can do is say no.

Don’t let people tell you what makes you happy.

Never turn down a chance to shoot.

Clear the air often.

Listen, listen, listen and ask strategic questions.


Realize that we are all varying degrees of “broke”.

Content is anything and everything.

Don’t treat anyone like crap.

Never be lukewarm.

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